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You're in charge!
When you use urine to fertilize plants, you're taking charge of urine to recycle nutrients and prevent pollution.

Peeing in the city–ecologically, of course

A few folks have produced ecological pee planters in recent years, but nearly all misunderstand the plentiful nitrate and salt that gallons of urine would load into one planter, likely killing the plants and salting up the soil. Our own design featured a removable container of carbon that would soaked up the urine and kept . . . → Read More: Peeing in the city–ecologically, of course

Urine use for hormones?

Public TV once showed the practice of harvesting residue from collected men’s urine and creating pills from it to be taken by older men and even young warriors to revive their drive. We can see that this probably gave them a shot of testosterone. Today, we saw this reference to hormone capture from both men’s . . . → Read More: Urine use for hormones?

Pee-on-Earth Day is June 21!


Did you remember to peecycle today?

We’re staying in a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona (land of hot asphalt) and still managed to easily pee on earth discreetly, as always. Here’s how we’re doing it today:

The easy one container method…

Urine discreetly contained….

. . . → Read More: Pee-on-Earth Day is June 21!

New photos! and lore

new photos! new lore…

• Army rations reydrated by urine (New Scientist)

• North of Kanchalan, Russia,tin cups of human urine are given to reindeer for a salty treat. (Boston Globe)

Updated book photo: Anna Edy, queen of liquid gold use, at her kitchen table overlooking her solar greenhouse and many planted fertilized with liquid . . . → Read More: New photos! and lore

Pee on earth day

June 21 (Dec. 21 in the eastern hemisphere)

Pee-On-Earth Day is a day to bring your urine outside to nourish plants and avoid using water to flush your toilet!

Fertilize plants with your urine’s nitrogen and phosphorus. PEECYCLE either directly or by depositing your contribution in a container you take outside and apply to: – . . . → Read More: Pee on earth day