Report your urine use and lore here!

You're in charge!
When you use urine to fertilize plants, you're taking charge of urine to recycle nutrients and prevent pollution.

Pee on earth day

June 21 (Dec. 21 in the eastern hemisphere)

Pee-On-Earth Day is a day to bring your urine outside to nourish plants and avoid using water to flush your toilet!

Fertilize plants with your urine’s nitrogen and phosphorus. PEECYCLE either directly or by depositing your contribution in a container you take outside and apply to:
– Soil, wood chips or the forest floor (not pavement)
– Your composter or compost pile (makes brown leaves and woodchips compost faster)

Or dilute it with 9 parts water to 1 part urine, and pour around plants*

*Dilute or distribute widely: Lots of urine deposited in one spot on your lawn can result in nitrogen burn!

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