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You're in charge!
When you use urine to fertilize plants, you're taking charge of urine to recycle nutrients and prevent pollution.

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Carol Steinfeld is a writer, researcher, and resource-recycling specialist who writes about ecological resource management solutions. She is the co-author of The Composting Toilet System Book and Reusing the Resource: Adventures in Ecological Wastewater Recycling. As projects director for Ecowaters, a nonprofit public information project, she conducts workshops worldwide. She is currently working on a new book. Her articles have appeared in The Boston Globe, Natural Home, Landscape Architecture, Journal of Soil & Water Conservation, and many other publications.
"Cutting-edge ‘applied ecology’ needs translators, teachers, and chroniclers. Your articles and publications are fine examples of this job well done." — Jim Schley, Chelsea Green Publishing
Malcolm Wells, illustrator, is a world-renowned architect, artist, and author of several books, including The Earth-Sheltered Home, Classic Architectural Birdhouses, Recovering America, InfraStructures, and How to Build an Underground House.Malcolm–or “Mac,” as many know him–does not use email. However, one of his fans has created this Web site featuring his work and books:
Mac and Carol

Mac and Carol